State Representative


OCCUPATION: Attorney; State Representative

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Assistant District Attorney; Legal Assistant; Laborer

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Texas A&M University; South Texas College of Law

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Oregon House of Representatives since 1995; Oregon Law Commission; University of Oregon Student Conduct Hearings Officer; Precinct Committeeperson; BLM Timber Sale Advisory Board.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: BRING Recycling; Child Advocacy Center of Lane County.


Our children's education must be our highest priority. Oregon continues to underfund education. I oppose diverting public funds to religious-based schools. I will continue to advocate for strong, stable funding for all levels of public education. Studies have shown that for every dollar we spend on education, we can save up to fifteen dollars in the criminal justice system.


As an experienced prosecutor, I believe in swift, certain and appropriate sanctions. I also realize we must emphasis prevention and early intervention programs for at-risk kids. We either pay now to effectively deal with the underlying problems facing our children, or pay even more when they become part of the criminal justice system.


I know the importance of protecting Oregon's land, air and water. I will continue to support Oregon's tradition of land use planning. I oppose urban sprawl. I support alternative forms of transportation to reduce congestion. We must protect our rivers and streams from pollution. Oregon is too special to allow a few people to profit at the expense of others. I will continue to work to preserve the quality of life we cherish and want to pass on to future generations.


We must honor the diversity of all Oregonians. I support statewide anti-discrimination legislation. I oppose religious hate groups and their repressive legislation. We must protect all Oregonians' civil rights.

Please call me at 342-2447 with your ideas, thoughts and concerns. I appreciate hearing from you.

With your support, I will continue to represent our district with a strong, independent voice.


(This information furnished by Friends For Floyd Prozanski.)

Floyd Prozanski has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180 but is not bound by that agreement because an opponent for this election has not agreed to limit expenditures or has exceeded the applicable spending limit.

State Representative

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