State Representative


OCCUPATION: State Representative.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Cascade West Council of Governments, Case Manager; Oregon Department of Human Resources, Special Project Coordinator; County Commissioner for Benton County; College Instructor, Stanislous State College; Director, Mental Health Clinic, Pullman, Washington; Public School Teacher, Texas and Washington.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Texas, BS, 1956; Masters of Social Work, 1966.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: State Representative, District 35, 1995-present; Ways & Means Committee, Joint Audit Committee and Emergency Board; Corvallis School Board; Linn-Benton Community College Budget Committee; Benton County Commissioner.

Dear Voter,

Making wise decisions concerning the allocation of our state resources is my top priority. As a member of the Ways & Means Committee, the Emergency Board, the Speakers' Budget Task Force and the Joint Audit Committee, I have been watching out for your tax dollars.

We need to be investing in education, building up our universities, our community colleges and our public schools. I am paying special attention to funding formulas to be sure that dollars are distributed fairly. Also, communities need options to enhance local school programs.

Stopping teen violence, juvenile crime, substance abuse, and adolescent pregnancy reduces taxpayer expense and family stress. I'll promote prevention programs that have been proven to be cost effective. As always, I'll fight for services that support families, children and seniors.

Transportation will be a big issue next session. We must stop the deterioration of our roads and bridges. It is essential to develop alternate methods of transportation to reduce traffic congestion in growing areas.

Our workers' compensation system needs fine tuning, both from the management and employee points of view. We need to streamline the bureaucratic red tape that causes delays and frustration.

I believe that wise growth management, access to health care, promotion of the arts and maintaining safe streets are all vital to a livable community.

If re-elected, I'll be there. Listening to you. Fighting for Oregon.

Barbara Ross

(This information furnished by Ross for District 35.)

Barbara Ross has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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