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OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Founder, Data World Corporation; Manufacturing Information System Director, Teledyne/Laars.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Glendale City College (1947-48)

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Lane County Republican Central Committee Precinct Committee Person (1995-Present)

It's time for both Jim Seaberry and "We, the People" ­ Jim Seaberry is a retired businessman. A veteran, Jim was assigned to the 1st Marine Air Wing in Tientsin, China. Jim and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Santa Clara. They attend St. Mary Catholic Church in Eugene. Jim is involved in his community. He was a founder of the Neely Legal Defense fund that supported the Neely's in their dispute with the City of Eugene. Jim recently co-founded the River Road/Santa Clara Property Owners Association which has united residential property owners having like concerns on property rights.

Jack Roberts on Jim Seaberry... "As state labor commissioner and as a former Lane County commissioner, I have seen firsthand how Jim Seaberry goes to bat for his neighbors and his community. That's exactly what people want and deserve from their state legislator. And that's why I strongly support Jim Seaberry for state representative in House District 39. If you feel your voice isn't being heard in Salem, Jim Seaberry will make sure it is." -- Jack Roberts, Oregon labor commissioner

Education-- Jim Seaberry believes in funding of schools. However, the age-old repeated requests for building repair and replacement dollars reflects on management. With claims of schools being in a state of disrepair, do taxpayers have reason to believe these reserves are being used elsewhere?

Crime-- Simply put, Jim knows we can't afford all the law enforcement we need. He strongly supports the concept of volunteers to augment the effectiveness of law enforcement in Oregon.

Property Taxes-- Jim Seaberry proposes to eliminate property taxes for residing senior citizens. Jim believes they have earned "retirement" from property taxes.

Let's send an honest hard working, solution-oriented representative to the Legislature. That's Jim Seaberry.

(This information furnished by 39th Committee to Elect Jim Seaberry.)

Jim Seaberry has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180 but is not bound by that agreement because an opponent for this election has not agreed to limit expenditures or has exceeded the applicable spending limit.

State Representative

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