State Representative


OCCUPATION: Consultant


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: California State University, Northridge (B.A. 1982); University of San Diego (J.D. 1986)

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Chair, Mayor's Advisory Committee on Bicycling, Honolulu.

We must do better.

Our economy is prosperous, yet our schools struggle for resources to educate our children.

We celebrate our leadership in medical technology, yet "managed care" administrators control our health care decisions.

We seek tax relief for working families, yet out-of-state corporations get much of the benefit while individuals get more of the tax burden.

The natural beauty of Oregon enhances our quality of life, yet environmental protections often take a backseat to development interests.

We can do better.

We must strengthen and sustain our communities. We must build on our diversity and shared values, not exploit social divisions for political advantage.

Public education is the cornerstone of prosperous communities. We must secure stable and adequate funding. Education practices should benefit children, not administrators. I oppose public monies to support private schools.

We need more than prisons to fight crime and make our communities safe. Strong schools and community-based programs can stop crime - before it starts.

I support strong land use laws and oppose hidden development costs on our communities. We must protect our rural heritage.

Patients should not battle their HMO to take their doctor's advice. We must protect our freedom to make proper health care decisions.

We must reduce teen smoking and tobacco-related health costs ­ despite the advertising and political contributions of tobacco companies.

Employees should not make the terrible decision of whether to be a good parent or a good worker. Early education and child care programs benefit the entire community.

We pay our taxes. We deserve a government that responds to our needs. Government cannot solve all problems, nor should it try. But we can do better.

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David Sherman ­ for our families, our prosperity, and our communities.

(This information furnished by David Sherman.)

David Sherman has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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