State Representative


OCCUPATION: Electronics Consultant.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Circuit Design & Programming, 14 years; Business Owner, 6 years.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.S. Electrical Eng. University of Illinois, Champaign/ Urbana.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Volunteer Lobbyist for Libertarian issues in Salem '97 legislative Session.


Libertarians really mean this.

I would work for local control of public schools, but also encourage options like home schools, alternative schools, charter schools, and vouchers for private schools -- this will allow poor families the same diversity available to the rich.

In our expanding population center, private solutions are needed to help fill the gaps unfilled by Tri-Met. Let's change State laws to allow this.

Property owners need the choice to improve their property without government meddling. Oregon politics has been encouraging growth, yet the UGB (Urban Growth Boundary) laws pack the new arrivals into densely inhabited areas, thereby turning Portland into a high-priced Los Angeles. Stop UGB.

I would stay out of the abortion issue -- leave decisions to individuals and their own religions. Government should never fund abortions, as this would discourage responsibility.

I would not interfere with one's means of self defense (2nd Amendment). I favor personal choice in safety issues such as motorcycle helmets and smoking laws.

Big Tax Cuts, Carefully

I believe in cutting funding to intrusive government agencies and corporate welfare. Until it is proven that charities can take over, taxes should help the needy.

I'm Your Representative, Not for Special Interests

My support only comes from voters, not the "two party" top-down power structure with powerful media machines and hidden agendas. Voters can talk with me, at biweekly restaurant meetings -- so your ideas go to Salem.

Advocate For Your Rights

I would gently welcome views from all voters, but would be a living nightmare to any politicians or agencies wishing to violate the Constitutional rights of voters like you. I'm on your side!

(This information furnished by Friends of Joe Tabor.)

H. Joe Tabor has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180 but is not bound by that agreement because an opponent for this election has not agreed to limit expenditures or has exceeded the applicable spending limit.

State Representative

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