State Representative


OCCUPATION: Personal financial analysis; Part owner-plant nursery

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Horticulture; Financial analysis; Experience in sales at the retail and wholesale levels.


PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Deschutes County.

As a person with deep roots in this state (In Oregon since 1845; in Central Oregon since 1883), I am very concerned about the constant and escalating intrusion into our private lives.

Individual rights and liberties, and personal freedoms, choices, and responsibilities are the most important things we can have. Unfortunately, it is a constant battle to keep these things close to us when there are state and local agencies around every corner attempting to legislate them away.

When asked what I will do for you, I can assuredly say that I will do my best to LEAVE YOU ALONE! And when elected, I will fight for your right to be free from government intrusion as much as possible.

Most politicians will do three things to citizens:

They get them emotional, get them confused, and get them fearful. Then it becomes easy to come in and say "Oh we know what's best for you..." As much as possible, I want YOU to decide what's best for you!

  • The opening up of the free-market system on everything possible; Education, agriculture, transportation, garbage collection, recreation and much, much more.

These are some ideas that I would like to start with. I would very much appreciate your vote, as I feel that I CAN DRIVE...55!... Back into a state of Freedom and Liberty!!!

(This information furnished by Ralph Thomas.)

Ralph Thomas has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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