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OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Webmaster, Louisiana-Pacific Corp; Database Analyst, Meridian Technology Group; Database Analyst, Volusia County (FL) Clerk of the Court; Database Analyst, Seminole County (FL) Clerk of the Court; Programmer/Analyst, Bradley University Computing Services.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Festus (MO) Senior High School; Bradley University, Bachelor of Science.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Libertarian Party of Oregon (Communications Director, Fundraising Director).

"Individuals Make Communities"

Individuals make communities. Not government boards, not legislators in Salem, and not the governor or the Feds. We come together voluntarily and build families, neighborhoods, and communities. We are adults. We make our own decisions about what to do with our money, our property, and ourselves, and we accept responsibility for those decisions.

The ideal of limited government does not somehow evaporate when we apply it to our communities. To the fullest extent possible, we should be vigilant in our restraint of government force. This applies equally to the United States, Oregon, Washington County or Clackamas County, Lake Oswego or Tualatin. In order for our communities, and the individuals who create them, to prosper, government should get out of our way.

The Winning Formula for Oregon: Limited Government Real Educational Reform Competition, Not Just Privatization Respect for Property Rights Punish Real Crime Individual Freedom and Personal Responsibility

As the representative in the Oregon legislature for House District 24 I will consistently vote to limit the powers of state government and return authority to the individuals of my district. To find out more about my particular positions on Oregon issues, please visit my web site on the Internet:

(This information furnished by Vessell '98 Libertarian.)

David L. Vessell has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180 but is not bound by that agreement because an opponent for this election has not agreed to limit expenditures or has exceeded the applicable spending limit.

State Representative

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