State Representative


OCCUPATION: Plant Manager

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Lumber manufacturing; general labor; supervision; quality control; purchasing; sales; commercial truck driver.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Undergraduate studies; Oregon State University; Oregon College of Education; University of Oregon; Northwest Christian College, BS, Managerial Leadership.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: State Representative 1994-1998; Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce; Lane County Rural Communities Improvement Council; Veneta Economic Development Council; Fern Ridge School District Budget Committee; Elmira Parent Teacher Committee; Superintendent Selection Committee.


Welsh: "A tax cut will help families solve their own problems. It is important to me to have the over-collected taxes from the 2% Kicker returned to you! Government is not improved with more money!"


Welsh: "We need to prioritize government spending and require agency accountability to help reduce the cost of government in order to help strengthen families."


Welsh: "Properly funded public education is one of my primary legislative priorities. More money does not guarantee a better education, but we do need excellent teachers for excellent results! Accountability in education will reassure taxpayers and parents. We also need to allow for homeschools, private & charter schools."


Welsh: "I will fight against increased regulations or taxes on business and industry so that Oregon remains attractive to all employers."


Welsh: "We must protect our law abiding citizens by establishing stiffer penalties for property crimes and first time offenders. We must continue funding for prisons. Our rehabilitation programs must be tested for effectiveness."


Welsh: "I will fight for private property rights! We need to build collaborative partnerships at the local level for problem solving, with the use of sound and peer reviewed science. Natural resource industries should always be at the table."


Oregon Small Business Coalition

National Federation of Independent Business

Sheriffs of Oregon

Oregon State Police Officers' Association

Oregon Forest Industries Council

Oregon Forest Products Transportation Association

Lane County Farm Bureau

(This information furnished by the Jim Welsh Election Committee.)

Jim Welsh has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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