State Representative


OCCUPATION: Business executive

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: President, Wittco Systems Inc., 1979-present.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.A., History, Case Western Reserve Univ.; law degree, University of Chicago Law School.


I look forward to using my business and political knowledge with my community experience to effectively serve the people of Oregon.

My legislative priorities will be the following:

I support an overall tax reduction for Oregon families and small business owners.

  • Cutting government growth

I will work to eliminate waste and bureaucracy. Many services should be privatized and inefficient departments should be held fiscally accountable.

  • Reforming education

I will work for responsible charter school legislation as well as full funding for our public schools. I also support building our university system to world-class quality.

  • Fighting crime

I support tougher sentences for those who commit property crimes, boot camps for teens who engage in crime and capital punishment for murderers.

  • Protecting our environment

I am committed to reducing the use of toxic chemicals, preserving old growth forests, restoring rivers and streams and holding polluters accountable.

  • Improving transportation

I support a balanced transportation system involving road improvement and expansion together with an efficient mass transportation program.

* Upholding the family

I believe the family is the building block of our nation. I will work to lower the tax burden on families, provide for parental choice in education and respect the right of parents to be involved in critical decisions involving their children.

    • Defending marriage
  • will work to pass legislation that defines marriage as a union of man and woman. I oppose same-sex marriage or any laws that depreciate the value of traditional marriage.

I believe we can build a more prosperous, more enlightened, more moral Oregon for our children and grandchildren. I look forward to working with you for that objective.

Please give me your vote on November 3.

Thank you.

(This information furnished by Bill Witt for State Representative Committee.)

Bill Witt has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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