State Representative

Natural Law

OCCUPATION: Transitions Coordinator, Clackamas County Employment Training and Business Services, Department of Human Services

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Family counselor and clinician for adolescents; health care educator and administrator; organizational trainer

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.S. in Social Work and Psychology, M.A. in Sociology, Central Missouri State University; postgraduate courses in Training and Staff Development, University of South Florida

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Clackamas County Department of Human Services (present); Staff Development Coordinator and Counselor, Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, Tampa, Florida; Program Monitor, City of Kansas City

In my 28 years in health education and family counseling, I have become acutely aware of the need for prevention-oriented programs in all areas of human affairs. That's why I'm a candidate with the Natural Law Party.

The Natural Law Party stands for prevention-oriented government, conflict-free politics, and proven solutions that bring national life into harmony with natural law, including

Today we debate the location of the Washington County prison--but 90% of these prisoners will eventually be released. We need effective rehabilitation, not more prisons.

Today we argue about environment versus jobs--but both environmental destruction and job destruction affect health and happiness. We need more developed creativity and intelligence to approach this problem.

Please vote for me and support proven solutions.

(This information furnished by Rosemaree Zazu.)

Rosemaree Zazu has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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