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OCCUPATION: Computer Consultant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Computer Programmer; Typesetter.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Reed College; Portland State University.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Clackamas High School Local School Committee member, 1997-1998.

Cancel the Wilsonville Prisons. The State of Oregon should stop trying to force prisons onto Wilsonville. The prison facilities should either not be built at all, or split up and built at sites that already have prisons. It would be wiser to use the existing intake center at the Clackamas County Jail and add two small intake centers to the jails in Washington and Multnomah counties, since the inmates awaiting transfer are already at these county jails.

Property Taxes and Education. I support a phaseout of property taxes, as long as funding for education is not reduced. Additional revenues for schools could come from excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and soft drinks, as well as from lottery money. I support smaller schools and school choice by working together with teachers, parents, and students.

Light Rail. We will never be able to build enough commuter trains if they are all subsidized. Light rail should make money instead of lose money. Tri-Met could franchise the right-of-way to run profitable, high-speed transit links.

Tri-Met Board. Tri-Met's board should be elected by the voters of the region, not appointed by the Governor.

End the Death Penalty. I oppose the death penalty. If murder is wrong, it is wrong for the state to murder the murderer. It does NOT deter crime, and it would even cost the state less to lock up murderers for the rest of their lives, a "true life" imprisonment, than it currently costs to put murderers to death.

For information or to volunteer:
(503) 441-7718

(This information furnished by Jon Zimmer for State Representative.)

Jon E. Zimmer has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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