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OCCUPATION: Small businessman

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: While working his way through college and supporting a family, John Lim worked as a janitor and painter. For the twenty-five years since then, John has sold real estate and owns retail properties. John currently owns ARJ Company, a distributor of health and beauty products.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Doctor of Humane Letters; Master of Divinity Degree, Western Evangelical Seminary, Portland; B.A. Religion, Seoul Theological College; Yeoju School of Agriculture.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Elected State Senator, 1992; Re-elected as State Senator 1996; Chair of Senate Trade and Economic Development Committee; Vice Chair of Senate Business and Consumer Affairs Committee; Governors Advisory Committee on DUII; Commission on Children and Families, Multnomah County; Multnomah County Honorary Deputy Sheriff.


John Lim learned at an early age that life can take some tough turns. Because the Korean War made attending school too dangerous, John educated himself by memorizing the 7,500 Korean-American dictionary. His father was an early casualty of the war, leaving John the "man of the house". This instilled in John the values of hard work and family. He grew up with a keen instinct for competition, cooperation, and a willingness to do what is right no matter what the cost. Giving up was never an option for John. "You deal honestly with people and work hard. You never give up doing the right thing."

John Lim Scholarship Foundation:

In 1990, John Lim created the John Lim Scholarship Foundation to give money to high school students and single mothers who wish to further their education. John has personally spent thousands of dollars of his own money to ensure that Oregon students get the education they desire and deserve.


You will always know where John Lim stands on issues if you know his philosophy of government. He believes our taxes are too high, we need a balanced budget, criminals should be punished, our children deserve an education that is competitive internationally, we need a strong military, and most of all, you deal with people honestly. This may seem to be a simple philosophy, but it is one that has carried John Lim through a life of hard work and made him a senior citizen with real, life experience.

Lower Taxes:

Balanced Budget:

  • Take balancing the budget out of the politicians hands and require a constitutional amendment to balance the budget.
  • Require that any budget surpluses be divided between restoring social security, national debt reduction, and targeted tax cuts.
  • Require budgets be passed on time or Senators and Congressmen forfeit their pay.


  • Give back more control to locally elected school boards.
  • Support Merit Pay for teachers.
  • Give our children a 21st Century education with computers available to all students.
  • Increase amount parents can put into an Educational IRA for their children's' college expenses.

Safe Neighborhoods, Safe Schools:

  • Increased funding for local police agencies.
  • Mandatory prison time for any adult who sells illegal drugs to our children.
  • Enhance school safety by eliminating firearms from schools.

* Reform of habeas corpus laws that allow for endless appeals for convicted prisoners on death row.

Social Security:

  • Put future budget surpluses into preserving social security benefits.
  • Allow future generations to put a portion of their social security into private investments.
  • Make Social Security trust fund a sacred fund and require it to be "off budget".
  • Defense:
  • Maintain defense spending to meet current challenges.
  • New focus on fighting terrorism.
  • Enhance Pacific Basin Security.

Cancer and AIDS Research:

  • Increase funding for cancer and AIDS research in order to prevent the spread of these diseases and to work toward finding their cures.
  • Make cancer and AIDS medications be affordable.

Endorsed by:

"John Lim is the new voice we need. He has the experience, dedication and commitment it will take to bring change."

Former Governor Vic Atiyeh

"John Lim is an independent thinker with a proven record in the Oregon Senate. Oregon is a better place because of John's generosity, leadership, and service to his fellow citizens. I am proud to support John Lim for U.S. Senate."

U.S. Senator Gordon Smith

"John lives by his convictions. He doesn't always take the easy way. I respect him for his courage. This is the type of person we need to represent us in the United States Senate."

Oregon Senate President Brady Adams

(This information furnished by Committee to elect John Lim for U.S. Senate.)

United States Senator

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