United States Senator


OCCUPATION: Economic Analyst

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Scientific research, sales and marketing for small and large businesses, and research into government and corporate environmental policies.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: MBA in Environmental Management,

University of Washington Graduate School of Business and Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris, France; BA Biology, Boston University.


Maintain Our Quality of Life

Our tax dollars subsidize the desecration of our national forests. I will fight to preserve the quality of life for ourselves and for future generations.

Over 60 percent of Oregon's magnificent forests are federally owned. Properly managed, these native ecosystems could provide pristine drinking water, clean air, important medicinal plants and foods, jobs and recreation forever. Instead, the Federal government doles out over $430 million tax dollars a year to large, private timber companies to build roads and clearcut the forests that belong to all of us. Mismanagement of our public lands causes landslides, pollutes drinking water, depresses property values, and wipes out our native fish runs. As Federal policy degrades our forests it sacrifices our quality of life - even future jobs in the fishing, timber and recreation industries all at a huge cost to taxpayers.

This is why I will work alongside both Republicans and Democrats to introduce a Senate version of the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act. This Act will provide training to dislocated timber workers, fund local governments, and restore our national forests so they may benefit us all forever. The Act now enjoys the bipartisan support of over 30 congressional representatives, but not the support of either Senator from Oregon.

"...trying to straddle the chasm between the radical treesitters of the Cascadia Forest Defenders and the genteel Sierra Club, Moskowitz could be the proverbial bridge."

- Willamette Week, August 19, 1998

Enact Real Campaign Finance Reform

A political system of "legal bribery" is selling out the public good to special interests. I will fight to restore accountability and integrity to the US Senate and power to the people.

Money, in the form of campaign contributions and lobbying, runs our political system. Over 80 percent of that money comes from corporations. As a result, politicians place corporate interests above the needs of tax paying and voting citizens. "Our" representatives eliminate hard-earned environmental protections and social programs that benefit the people while increasing senseless corporate welfare programs. No wonder so many Oregonians feel cut out of the decision-making process.

As your Senator, I will fight to end this system of legal bribery by supporting real campaign finance reform. I will work tirelessly for publicly-financed campaigns and to make TV and radio available to all candidates. After all, the airwaves do belong to the public. Voters deserve to hear the candidates with the best ideas, not just those with the big bucks.

Protect Workers' Rights

In a downsizing, job-exporting global economy, we need to protect the rights of American workers. A global market that ends job security, reduces pay and benefits, endangers worker safety, and sacrifices environmental standards, cannot be truly free.

I join Oregon's farm workers and labor organizations in opposing the Guestworker's Bill, introduced this year by both of Oregon's Senators. This bill would replace local workers with imported "guest" laborers forced to work for lower wages under conditions that don't meet government standards. Instead of undercutting American workers, we need to stop subsidizing private employers who pay low wages and no benefits so that truly ecologically and socially responsible businesses can compete.

Create The Future Our Children Deserve

Even in our recent booming economy, America's children are getting poorer. I will fight for living wages, health care, childcare, and quality education for everyone.

Over 20 percent of our nation's children - over 14 million - are being raised in poverty, including 17 percent of the children in Oregon. Meanwhile, instead of helping our children create a positive future, nearly half of United States Federal Budget for 1999 will go to pay for current military activities and past military buildups, even though the Cold War is long over. In contrast, 9 percent of the budget is directed toward education and 20 percent toward other health and human services. To waste money on a bloated military while starving our social services is poor public policy.

As your Senator, I will fight to invest in our families and our communities. I will support the creation of public jobs with living wages and health benefits in community-based services like senior programs, quality childcare, and before- and after-school programs. I will shift the tax burden for social services from personal to corporate taxes.

Vote for Karyn Moskowitz and the Pacific Party, Oregon's Green alternative.

Send a message to Washington that you are not satisfied with politics as usual. If we continue to vote for Democrats and Republicans, both bought and paid for by the same special interests, our voices will never be heard. Throughout America's history, third-party candidates have introduced many of our most important social and political reforms, including social security and women's suffrage. Cast a vote that counts.

Vote for the Clearcut Alternative. Vote for Karyn Moskowitz.

"If you're as fed up with the present system as I am, join me in voting for a progressive voice of integrity, Karyn Moskowitz."

- Harry Lonsdale

(This information furnished by Karyn Moskowitz for U.S. Senate.)

United States Senator

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