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OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Former Director, Oregon Legal Services for the Elderly; Cofounder, Oregon Gray Panthers; University Instructor

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: J.D., University of Oregon School of Law; A.B., Stanford University

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Congressman, 1981-1996; Oregon Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators, 1977-79


When I first ran for the U.S. Senate, I promised to stand up and fight for all of the people of Oregon. As your Senator, I've worked hard to keep that promise. I've listened to your concerns, taken your ideas with me back to Washington, DC, and done my best to give the people of Oregon a strong voice in their federal government.

Standing up for Oregon sometimes means taking on powerful interests ... and I've taken on some of the toughest. I've stood up to the HMOs and demanded that doctors be allowed to tell you all of your medical options, not just the cheapest ones. I'm standing up to the tobacco companies to stop them from selling cigarettes to our kids while they lie to us about nicotine addiction.

When an Air Force C-130 crash took the lives of 10 Oregon Guardsmen, I took on the Pentagon, blocking the promotion of the top General in the military, until they agreed to start giving the families some straight answers. I battled discriminatory practices in the Senate when a young disabled woman was barred from bringing her guide dog on the Senate floor. And because I believe that Senators should live by the same rules as everyone else, I'm fighting to end the tradition that allows individual Senators to stop legislation secretly, without ever telling the public.

If you honor me with your vote this year, I'll continue these fights until they're won.

"Wyden has managed to distinguish himself in the U.S. Senate by taking on some powerful adversaries..."

Editorial, Willamette Week, 5/6/98


We've got to make government work better for people and, while that sounds like simple common sense here in Oregon, in Washington it can be a real battle. I'm proud to say that by staying away from partisan bickering and focusing on the things that matter, I'm winning some important battles.

My initiative to cut waste and fraud in Medicare would save taxpayers billions, according to the National Taxpayers Union, and I developed a bipartisan plan that empowers local school districts to cut school bureaucracy and put the resources in the class-room, where they belong. I'm also working to make schools safer,writing and passing a bill that keeps kids who bring guns to school from being put right back out on the streets.

I've also taken a common sense approach to balancing the federal budget while cutting federal spending and taxes. I've authored a balanced budget amendment that will both balance the federal budget and stop the Congress from raiding the Social Security Trust Fund. I've worked to make it tougher for Congress to raise your taxes and my Internet Tax Freedom Act prohibits discriminatory taxes on Internet consumers and businesses. This year, the non-partisan Taxpayers for Common Sense ranked me third among all Senators for my efforts to hold down taxes and eliminate waste.

"Sen. Ron Wyden is pushing ...actually reforming Medicare instead of just talking about it."

Editorial, Salem Statesman Journal, 4/8/97


I recognized a long time ago that the more I heard from all Oregonians, the better I would do my job in the Senate. So I became the first US Senator in Oregon's history to set up offices in both urban and rural areas ­ including Eugene, Medford, Portland, Bend, Salem, and La Grande. And I've kept my promise to hold town meetings in every Oregon county, every year.

By listening to you, and following up on what I heard, I've been able to make a difference in every corner of our state. In Medford, my office helped to bring new telecommunications jobs and improve Medicare reimbursements. In Bend, I've worked with local law enforcement officials to make sure they have the resources they need to halt the flow of illegal drugs. In Portland, I wrote legislation to help preserve clean drinking water by banning polluting activities in the Bull Run watershed. In Southwest Oregon, I teamed up with Congressman DeFazio to protect Social Security and help rural counties fund their schools and roads. I've stood up for fishing families on the coast and farmers in the east. And all across Oregon, I've defended the right of women to make their own health care choices, without government interference.

"Ron Wyden is making good on his promise to be available to all Oregonians ­ regardless of whether they live near the dunes on the southwest coast, in the foothills of the Cascades, or in the Blues of Eastern Oregon."

Editorial, La Grande Observer, 5/29/96

"Wyden listens and follows up ...Beyond simply listening, Wyden follows up with active support and commitment."

Editorial, The Dalles Chronicle, 5/3/98

Representing Oregon in the US Senate has been the greatest privilege of my life. I'm proud that you've asked me to stand up for you, and now I'm asking you to stand with me in this election.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Voters Pamphlet. Please make your voice heard by voting.

(This information furnished by Ron Wyden.)

United States Senator

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