State Senator


OCCUPATION: Small Businessman

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Small business owner; Associate real estate broker, NICO Furniture, owner; U.S. Navy aviator

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Graduate, Woodland High School; Pensacola Aviator School

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Senate Majority Leader; State Senator, 1995 to present; State Representative, 1989-1994; Legislative Committees: Ways and Means, Labor (Chairman), Transportation, Business & Consumer Affairs; Children's Care Team Task Force (Chairman); Marion County Juvenile Services Commission (Chairman); Salem Transit Board (President); Marion County Citizens Review Board for Children's Services; Highland Neighborhood Association (Chairman); Salem Schools Textbook Committee; Blue Ribbon Committee for Excellence in Schools.

COMMUNITY AFFAIRS: Salem Area Chamber of Commerce; Board of Directors: Salem Rotary, YMCA, Goodwill Industries, Gilbert House Museum and Cascade Employers Association. Twice winner of Salem Retailer of the Year.

GENE DERFLER...A Proven Leader

GENE DERFLER has proven he does more than just talk about problems; he works to solve them. As chairman of the Children's Care Team Task Force, Gene Derfler led the efforts to improve services for neglected and abused children. Gene Derfler worked out the tough issues in the voter-approved welfare reform initiative, putting Oregon on the cutting edge of national policy.

GENE DERFLER...Making State Government Work For You

GENE DERFLER provided responsible leadership in reforming the state workers' compensation system, assuring better benefits for seriously injured workers while reducing the system administrative costs. Oregon is now a model for the nation.

GENE DERFLER...Making Education a Budget Priority

GENE DERFLER is committed to improving our educational system. Gene Derfler voted for historic levels of funding -- while demanding accountability and efficiency on how those dollars are spent.

GENE DERFLER...Looking Out For Your Interests

GENE DERFLER's top priority is representing and protecting the interests of the citizens of Salem. He has been a resident of Salem for over 46 years and understands the special needs of our community because he has lived, worked and raised a family here.


(This information furnished by Gene Derfler.)

Gene Derfler has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Senator

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