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OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Mill worker; construction carpenter; foreman

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Astoria Senior High, 1977--1981; Willamette Carpenter's Training Center, 1989-1994


My Priorities:

Taxes: Oregon taxes are too high. Any taxpayer will tell you that. I support a flat tax of no more than 7.5%. As an option, I might support a sales tax, but only if the property tax and the income tax were ended immediately.

Education: Our children need help. We need to get back to the basics, reading, writing and mathematics. As the father of 2 young children, I would like the option to send my kids to a school that matches my family values and traditions. To accomplish this I would recommend a school credit that would follow the child to a school of the parents choice.

Parental Rights: Parents and guardians usually know what is best for children. Government interference in family affairs should only happen in dire emergencies.

Property Owners Rights: While some basic standard's of building are good, the current system makes improving your property a nightmare. I believe that the property owner should be the final judge of what they may do with their property, as long as it does not damage other people's property. It makes you wonder who really owns the property that you bought.

Pro-Choice on Everything:
I support the rights of the individual to make their own choices in their lifestyles and family traditions. I support the 2nd Amendment. It is a person's basic right to defend themselves. I believe that as adults we do not need the government to baby-sit or protect us from ourselves.

As your Senator, I will do my best to keep the state from interfering in your life.

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State Senator

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