State Senator


OCCUPATION: Vice President & Secretary, Moore Mill & Lumber Co.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Attorney; Elementary & Community College teacher; Director of Management Firm; Army Reserve

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Lewis & Clark Law School, J.D.; University of Oregon, Masters of Education, B.S.; Beaverton High School

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Asst. Senate Majority Leader, State Representative, House Republican Leader, Judiciary Committee Chairman

Family: 27 years in the community; Married to Gini with four children, Randy, Jeff, Ryan and Courtney

RE-ELECT SENATOR RANDY MILLER For the Job He's Done. And the Challenges Ahead.

RANDY MILLER FOR EDUCATION Working for Smaller Classes

As a parent and former school teacher, Randy understands the importance of a quality education and good schools. Randy has made funding education his top budget priority -- cutting wasteful spending to get more funds directly into Oregon classrooms. And now Randy is working with parents and teachers on a plan to limit class sizes in early grades so students get the attention they deserve.

RANDY MILLER FOR LOWER TAXES Working for Millions in Tax Refunds

Because Oregon enjoys a strong economy, Oregon taxpayers have enjoyed record income tax refunds. Randy has stood firm against those who wanted to keep your tax refunds for bigger government and more spending. In addition, Randy has supported measures to reduce property taxes and will continue the fight to reduce taxes on Oregon families.

RANDY MILLER FOR OUR QUALITY OF LIFE Working to Keep Schools and Neighborhoods Safe

Randy Miller has been a leading voice for stiffer penalties for violent criminals, more prison space and tougher measures against juveniles who committee adult crimes -- and Oregon's crime rate is beginning to come down. But we're still not safe enough. As our Senator, Randy will continue to focus on public safety and keeping illegal drugs and the crime and violence they bring away from our schools and neighborhoods.


(This information furnished by Friends of Randy Miller.)

Randy Miller has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Senator

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