State Senator


OCCUPATION: Small businessman; labor/management consultant (25 years).

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Local government management consultant, labor relations and negotiations.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BS degree, Oregon State University.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Ward 5 Councilman, Salem City Council; Chairman, Salem Citizen's Budget Committee; City Council Legislative Committee; Captain, U.S. Army (1968-1971).


DON SCOTT brings commitment to every task he takes on. And he takes on tough issues. He has been a leader on the Salem City Council in improving response times for public safety and emergency services. He fought for the city 'daytime curfew' for school-age children as a low-cost prevention measure, because the schools can't teach and be patrolling the streets at the same time, and parents have a right to expect their kids to be in school.

"Don displays a commanding grasp of public safety issues and the ability to build consensus."
Bob Prinslow, Retired
Marion County Sheriff


DON SCOTT knows our children's education potential is in the classrooms not the administration buildings. Don will work to remove the barriers that are holding back the preparation of our children to be successful and productive adults. We need to focus on the basics while insisting on excellence and providing real options for students.

"Don understands the value of stable funding, accountability and high standards for our schools and students."
Neva Hutchinson, Past Chair
Salem-Keizer School Board


DON SCOTT believes the challenge for government is to get rid of inefficient and wasteful practices and to improve the way it provides necessary services. That means putting our gas tax dollars to work rebuilding our streets, and getting our education directly into the classroom.

"Don is able to build consensus."
Cheryl Gribskov, Past President
Salem Visitors and Convention Assn.

"Don Scott has prepared himself to make the right decisions that will benefit the citizens of our community."
Bob Donovan, Past President
Salem Senior Citizen Advisory Committee

(This information furnished by the Committee to Elect Don Scott.)

Don Scott has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Senator

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