United States President
Chuck Baldwin photo


Occupation: paid, Founder and Pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida; Talk show host of Chuck Baldwin Live, 10 years, author

Occupational Background: Chairman Florida Moral Majority, Ronald Reagan Campaign, 2004 Constitution Party Vice-presidential candidate

Educational Background: Midwestern Baptist College, Christian Bible College Masters Degree

Prior Governmental Experience: taxpayer and voting citizen


We Americans must cut the Federal Government down to its Constitutionally established size. Your vote can get the job started.

As your President I will, beginning on day one:

- start the return of troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and the other 130 countries
- restore credible medical care to veterans
- pull the plug on the unaffordable American Empire
- restore sound, gold and silver backed money
- work forcefully against budget and trade deficits
- secure our own borders instead of other nations' borders
- end federally funded benefits to those here illegally
- dismantle NAFTA, GATT and export of USA jobs
- recall US diplomats from the UN and end our membership
- protect right of citizens to be armed
- veto federal funding and involvement in local education
- encourage use of domestic oil resources
- recognize the legal personhood of unborn children, treat abortion as crime and confront the morally indefensible Roe decision

Obtain a copy of our nation's Constitution. It is easy to understand and you have an obligation to know what it sets forth. The Constitution is our blueprint for freedom. Use your vote to defend it.

Our government should be much smaller and we should enjoy more liberty. The two big parties have taken turns damaging our great country. Declare some independence this year.


(This information furnished by Chuck Baldwin for President.)