United States Senator
Dave Brownlow photo


Occupation: Industrial Automation Consulting

Occupational Background: Marketing/Engineering

Educational Background: BS Clarkson University

Prior Governmental Experience: Constitution Party Vice Chairman


I am running for the U.S. Senate because the professional politicians we hired to do the job have failed us.

Our economy is in a tailspin; the value of our dollar is heading toward freefall; our debt is exploding; our manufacturing base is being shipped offshore; our borders have become a virtual sieve; and our military is bogged down in two simultaneous, unconstitutional wars.

Clearly, something has got to change.

We need to begin curing the disease rather than continuing to treat the symptoms. This would involve a return to the constitutional principals of limited government, sound money, non-intervention with our world neighbors, and restoring our individual liberties.

Unlike my opponents, I will vote to:

Instead of solutions, all my opponents have to offer is more of the same: more spending, more debt, more phony money, more failed programs, more foreign interventions, and of course, less liberty.

Our country is in serious trouble. It is time we start telling each other the truth.


(This information furnished by Dave Brownlow for U.S. Senate.)