Secretary of State
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Occupation: State Senator

Occupational Background: Family and Juvenile Law Attorney

Educational Background: University of Colorado, B.A.; Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College, J.D.; Senior Executive Program, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative 1991-1996; State Senator since 1997; former Senate Majority Leader

Tough on Initiative Fraud

Concerned about fraud in our initiative system, Kate Brown passed the law banning anyone convicted of fraud, forgery or identity theft from collecting ballot measure signatures. With her legal background, she will crack down on fraud with tough enforcement to ensure signature gatherers follow the law and make sure those who don't are prosecuted.

Opening Doors for Jobs

The Secretary of State's office is the first stop for a new business in Oregon. In these tough economic times, Kate Brown is dedicated to making Oregon attractive to new businesses to create new good-paying jobs, and to making it easier to do business in Oregon.

Rigorous Audits to Save Money

With rigorous audits of state agencies, schools and even energy use, Kate Brown will make sure our tax dollars are spent effectively and efficiently. By keeping a close eye on the bottom-line and finding creative ways to provide critical services, she will help put more dollars into our priorities, like education and health care.

Fair and Open Elections

Kate Brown won her first race by just seven votes, so she knows firsthand that every vote matters and every vote must be counted. She supports campaign finance reform, and wrote the law that requires campaign cash be reported online, where the public can easily know who is funding ballot measure and candidate campaigns. As Secretary of State she will continue to safeguard our elections and shine a light on the influence of money in politics. Under her watch, we'll always have elections you can trust.

Experienced Leadership. Results that Matter.
The Choice that Makes a Difference.
Kate Brown for Secretary of State

(This information furnished by The Kate Brown Committee.)