Attorney General
Walter F (Walt) Brown photo
Walter F (Walt)

Pacific Green

Occupation: Volunteer attorney, Consumer Justice Alliance, Oregon Consumer League (Oregon State Bar's 2004 awards for "TOTAL HOURS OF PRO-BONO SERVICES" and "LEGAL SERVICES TO THE POOR").

Occupational Background: Commander JAGC U.S. Navy (Ret.) (1944-71); volunteer WWII, Korea, Vietnam; public defender, prosecutor, appellate attorney, attorney for disabled servicemen, judge. Lewis & Clark Law School (1970-80) taught Consumer Law, Criminal Procedure, Legal Ethics. Malheur County Counsel, Deputy D.A. (1989-91). Family timber farmer (1988-2007) (Walt donated to Lincoln County, for all Oregonians, his reforested 185-acre farm on the Siletz River as a no-hunting, no-logging nature park).

Educational Background: USC, B.A., J.D.; Harvard Law School (constitutional law); Boston University, M.A. (government); UofO, M.L.S.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Senate (1975-87)

Community Activities: League of Conservation Voters; VFW; Amnesty International; Oregon Fair Trade Campaign; Physicians for a National Health Plan; NAACP (since 1948); Sierra Club.

The U.S. Department of Justice established a Civil Rights Division in 1957 to uphold the civil and constitutional rights of all Americans. While Oregon adopted an enlightened Bill of Rights in 1859, our Justice Department has no Civil Rights Division. Walt would create a Civil Rights Division.

Violent crime should always be punished by incarceration. However, the majority of crime is drug and poverty related. Walt would form special committees to address the issues of educational funding, unemployment, healthcare, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, housing, food, and energy costs.

Walt's strong commitment to health care is not limited to how it impacts our quality of life and longevity, but how poor health care is reflected in crime, as the leading cause of personal bankruptcies, loss of productive employment, and domestic violence. Over 600,000 Oregonians (160,000 children) are uninsured. The two major parties have failed to address the basic need for medical care because of their fear of the health insurance industry.

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and most inhuman." (Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.) PNHP Newsletter Spring 2008

(This information furnished by Committee of 1000 Elect Walt Brown as Oregon Attorney General.)