State Representative
Peter Buckley photo


Occupation: State Representative, District 5, 2005 to present

Occupational Background: Regional Theatre 1979 to 2002; radio commentator, 1988 to 2002.

Educational Background: University of Santa Clara, B.A. 1979

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, House Education Committee, 2007 to present; Vice-Chairman, Elections, Ethics and Rules, 2007 to present; Member, Transportation Committee, 2007 to present; Assistant Majority Leader, 2007 to present; City Commission, Arcata, California, 1994

"I will continue my unwavering pursuit to move Oregon forward through the advocacy of our common ground and shared values. Working to reinvest in education helps our children and our economy. Working to protect our environment can create new, sustainable living-wage jobs. Working to address our broken health care systems helps both businesses and families. Solving challenges with innovative solutions brings us together and creates a stronger, more vibrant state." Peter Buckley

Leaders We Can Believe In

Because of Peter Buckley's leadership, we have a new majority in Salem and a government that once again serves its citizens. His ability to work with those across the aisle resulted in the most productive legislative session in 15 years.

Legislation supported by Representative Buckley:

"He also was the guiding force, as chairman of the Education Committee, in getting approval for bills to require schools to improve school nutrition, mentoring for new teachers, increased access to higher education opportunity grants and curbs on so-called "golden parachutes" for school administrators." Mail Tribune June 24, 2007

(This information furnished by Committee to Re-Elect Peter Buckley.)