Secretary of State
Rick Dancer photo


Occupation: Retired Journalist

Occupational Background: Journalist 1985-2008

Educational Background: Bachelors Degree, Communication, Pacific University, Forest Grove

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Involvement: Past President, City Club of Eugene; Looking Glass Youth and Family Services; Children's Miracle Network; Young Life Board, Springfield

Family: Wife of 25 years, Kathy; Two sons, Jake and Jess.


Dear Voters,

Traveling this state as a journalist for 23 years you discover the common bonds that make us proud to be Oregonians.

But when I investigated state government I saw that bitter partisanship and special interests dominate. Now is the time to elect people who are not beholden to special interests.

I left journalism to run for Secretary of State so I could pass a better Oregon on to my children – and I ask for your vote. -Rick Dancer

Vic Atiyeh, Oregon Governor (1979–1987) says:
"Dancer's experience is exactly what we need in a Secretary of State. Objectivity, investigative know-how, and a keen appreciation of all parts of Oregon."

There are clear differences between my opponent and me:

I will work to take politics out and put trust in.

"Oregon roots run deep for Rick Dancer. From the family homestead in Baker City, to being born, raised, and educated in Washington County, to working in Lane County and the south coast, Rick Dancer will always put Oregon first." Congressman Greg Walden.

"Rick Dancer has a proven record of being fair and impartial. He will bring a non-partisan approach to this job that is desperately needed." Jack Roberts, former Oregon Labor Commissioner.

(This information furnished by Rick Dancer.)