State Representative
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Occupation: State Representative.

Occupational Background: Business Management, Forest Products Industry.

Educational Background: Oregon State University, B.A. in Business Administration.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, 2007 – present; Vice-Chair House Government Accountability and Information Technology Committee; House Business and Labor Committee; Ways and Means Joint Sub-Committee on General Government.

Community Service: Chair, Oregon Autism Project; Capital Campaign and Master Planning Committee, St. Jude Catholic Church.


Last year, Chris Edwards got to work for us. And he's ready to keep working hard on our priorities.

LET'S GET TO WORK to create good-paying jobs

Chris Edwards will create more good paying jobs by investing in vocational education and worker training in skilled trades and growing industries.

LET'S GET TO WORK to make health care more affordable

Chris Edwards will work to increase accountability and transparency in the health care system by requiring health insurance companies to account for administrative costs and follow consistent pricing guidelines.

LET'S GET TO WORK to strengthen our schools

As a small businessman, Chris Edwards knows that to prepare our kids for good paying jobs, we should reduce class sizes and increase education options. That's why he'll work to control spending, so that our priorities have the funding they need.

LET'S GET TO WORK to keep our neighborhoods safe

Chris Edwards will crack down on the theft and illegal reselling of scrap metal, which meth abusers use to support their addiction.

LET'S GET TO WORK for our veterans who've served us with honor

Chris Edwards has a plan to help Oregon's combat veterans who are returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan get the educational, medical, and housing support they need to resume their lives.


Eugene Education Association
Oregon Business Association
Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council
Oregon Manufactured Homeowners United
Joy Marshall, Lane County Organizer Stand for Children
(541) 912-7792

(This information furnished by Friends of Chris Edwards.)