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Jay A


Occupation: Registered Nurse (RN)

Occupational Background: RN, Spanish Medical Translator

Educational Background: B.S., RN, Oregon Health and Science University

Prior Governmental Experience: Homestead Neighborhood Association, Parks Committee

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I know I am not alone in my belief that our state's current legislature is simply not meeting the duty of care that is necessary for Oregon to thrive and individual rights to reign supreme. I believe strongly that our state government must let many old habits die in order for a new dynamic paradigm of growth to emerge where efficiency and responsibility are the expected outcome, while individual liberty is of paramount importance. In this same vein I purpose the following:

Education in Oregon

Reduce the wherewithal of government to continue its destructive influence on our educational system by restoring the primary decision making back to parents through legislation which offers substantial tax credits for families who choose to educate their children in private, charter, or home schooling programs.

Healthcare in Oregon

Restore medical decision making back to the physician and patient by eliminating regulations which elevate insurance and pharmaceutical industry interests over the physician's duty to effectively manage a patient's individual needs. Physicians and nurses must always be primarily accountable to their patients, not arcane governmental regulations. Residents must have the unimpeded freedom to shop for competitively priced insurance and decide which plan best suits their overall needs.

Marriage in Oregon

Sacred unions between individuals are a right, not a privilege. It is not government's place to dictate about morality. All civil liberties are inherent to all Oregonians and not just arbitrarily privileged groups. Legislation should be immediately drafted to explicitly guarantee these rights to all individuals regardless of superficial differences.

I would be honored to represent the constituents of this district and be an influence in Salem offering a new energy and perspective to the legislative process.

Jay Ellefson
Demonstrated Leader. Effective Problem Solver.
Defender of Liberty.

(This information furnished by Jay Ellefson.)