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Tim J


Occupation: Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Small Business Owner; Logging

Educational Background: Graduated Oakland High '83; Oregon Institute of Technology, Major computer systems engineering technology; '07 graduate Douglas County Citizen Law Enforcement Academy

Prior Governmental Experience: Roseburg City Council President; League of Oregon Cities—General Government Committee Chair; Med-Com Ambulance Authority, Chair '05

"Tim Freeman will work with me to fight bigger government, limit taxes and find new strategies for job creation. He has the experience to hit the ground running in Salem, which is why I endorse him in this campaign."

Bruce Hanna
State Representative,
7th District

Tim Freeman…Experience that Matters

Tim Freeman is prepared to make a difference. Tim helped bring a new public safety center building to Roseburg without new taxes. He led the charge to re-open the Harvard Fire Station full time. Tim also worked to bring in Home Depot without eminent domain which helped create jobs. Tim has a proven leadership record.

Tim Freeman…Right on the Issues

Tim Freeman is a staunch defender of free enterprise. Tim opposes new taxes and wants more accountability from government at all levels. Tim supports the 2nd Amendment and the right to own and bear arms. He also is strongly pro-life and pro-family believing marriage is between one man and one woman.

"Tim Freeman has the breadth of experience in small business and local government that will serve us well in Salem. I strongly support Tim in his campaign to be our next State Representative."

Susan Morgan
State Representative

Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

"We endorse Tim because of his position against tax increases."

Jason Williams, Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
"Because of Tim's unwavering support of public safety, the Oregon State Fire Fighters Council proudly endorse Tim Freeman for State Representative."

Bob Livingston, Oregon State Fire Fighters Council

Tim Freeman. More Jobs, Less Taxes.
A Voice for Rural Oregon.

(This information furnished by Tim Freeman.)