State Representative
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Occupation: State Representative; Self-Employed

Occupational Background: Development Professional: Willamette University; OHSU Foundation, International Youth Foundation, Mercy Corp; T.V. & Voice Talent

Educational Background: M. Ed., University of South Carolina; B.A., Warner Pacific College; Franklin High

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Committees: Human Services, Consumer Protection, Rural Policy; Legislative Aide, U.S. Senator Mark O. Hatfield

Vic Gilliam: Balanced Leadership for Oregon Families

"I have always known Vic Gilliam to take a thoughtful, fair and balanced approach to any problem.

From veterans' issues to energy relief, he is a man who will work across party lines for solutions. This is a very good quality in a legislator.

I would encourage you to vote for Rep. Vic Gilliam. I am confident that he is the best candidate to represent us in the Legislature."

Sherry Stock
Molalla Resident

Vic Gilliam: Real Change for Oregon Seniors & Families

"Vic Gilliam is not the status quo. Every day he seeks real change for struggling Oregonians. Unlike his opponent he will not raise taxes on seniors and families. The difference is clear."

Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Vic Gilliam: Common Sense Spending for Oregon Families

"Vic Gilliam will protect the family budget first. His record in the Legislature speaks loud and clear and he is always looking for ways to stretch tax dollars. Vic Gilliam believes government must tighten its belt just like families and small businesses across Oregon have."

John Killin
Oregon Small Business Coalition

Oregon Agriculture Support Vic Gilliam:

Oregon Farm Bureau
Clackamas County Farm Bureau
Oregon Seed Council
Oregon Family Farm Association PAC
Oregon Dairy Farmers Association
Oregonians for Food and Shelter

"Vic Gilliam is a strong voice for Oregon's family farmer and our agriculture community in the Legislature. We need him back in Salem fighting for us!"

Glenn Goschie
Farmer, Silverton

Vic Gilliam Endorsed By:

Oregon State Police Officers' Association

Vote Vic Gilliam
Balance. Real Change. Common Sense.

(This information furnished by Friends of Vic Gilliam.)