Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries
Pavel Goberman photo


Occupation: I'm 71, excellent health, no medical problem, have a lot of energy: Founder, Instructor/Provider of unique physical and mental fitness program "Get Energized!"– book, video and exercise classes for governments, businesses and public: may prevent many illnesses, diseases (including cancers) and slow down the aging process. (503)6-GET-FIT

Occupational Background: Author, Publisher, Producer, Speaker, Inventor, Consultant, Advisor, Trainer, Coach, Manager (had an Award), Supervisor, Social Worker, Counselor, Machinist, Mechanic, Welder, Truck Driver, Logger, Firefighter and Beekeeper. I'm a Problem Solver.

Educational Background: Have 27 years of education, BA + Degree (Moscow, Russia). Attended a few universities and colleges in the USA. Gave myself PhD in PE. Linguist.

Prior Governmental Experience: Primary 2008 Candidate for US Senator; 2006 Candidate for US Representative, 2004 Candidate for US Senator. 2002 Candidate for Commissioner of BOLI. Tank Army. I'm honest, incorruptible, with faith and high moral principles. Do not accept any "contributions".

I know life: my parents died during WWII, from age six grew up in orphanage. Started work at age fourteen – vocational school Machinist/Mechanic.

Commissioner of BOLI must enforce all laws regulating the employment of adults and minors, protection employees and employers from violations of laws, and conduct claims investigations of civil, human rights and discrimination.

Commissioner of BOLI Brad Avakian gave an Oath of Office, but does not perform his duties, doesn't support the Constitution, doesn't investigate Complaints of violation of our laws, can't hold any office and must resign.

I have a plan to help businesses, create more jobs, improve and increase training and apprenticeship programs. I have a plan to create a new industry: develop and manufacture fire resistant wood products.

To avoid layoffs or moving jobs abroad, I will negotiate between employer and labor.

BOLI will enforce all laws, prevent violations labor rules and honest investigate violation of laws.

People of Oregon, hire me and I will restore America's Moral Leadership and the Government By and For the People.

(This information furnished by Pavel Goberman.)