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Jean M


Occupation: Retired.

Occupational Background: Family Nurse Practitioner; Registered Nurse.

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science, Nursing; Master's of Science, Nursing.

Prior Governmental Experience: Enterprise City Councilor.

When good people leave Wallowa county because they can't find a family wage job, it hurts all of us. It hurts to leave. It hurts friends and family left behind. It hurts the economic life of the county. My father's people were forced from their land in the Oklahoma dust bowl. Their stories remain real in my heart and motivate me to ensure my granddaughter will not have to leave this life that generations have enjoyed in Wallowa county.

I believe we can protect and promote the special quality of life we love. Together, traditional and contemporary practices can ensure a viable economy. The Granges, 4H, ranching and forestry continue to contribute. The arts, music, tourism, farmer's markets, biofuel production and small woods products are stepping up. Our forests should serve us better than they are. I will work with people to develop a forest management plan we can take to Federal and State governments. The plan should decrease the forest fire hazard, while giving priority to local contractors and workers where work is needed.

The role of Commissioner is to serve every citizen of the county. Group and individual interests should be heard and balanced to serve the best interests of all. I trust citizens to make their needs known and I promise to represent competing interests fairly. While I served as Enterprise city councilor, I was known to ask thoughtful questions and listen carefully to citizen and fellow councilor input. I will diligently attend, listen and work toward cooperative solutions as your County Commissioner.

WE CAN DO IT! With your vote and participation we can plan for a sustainable vibrant economy. Say "Yes" to opportunities for a healthy legacy for our children and grandchildren.

For all of us: Vote Jean Grandi, County Commissioner

(This information furnished by Jean Grandi for County Commissioner.)