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Occupation: Woodworker; Rancher; Renewable Energy Consultant.

Occupational Background: Timber framer, Horse Logger, Cabinetmaker.

Educational Background: Graduate, Oak Park High School, Oak Park Michigan.

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Baker County Planning Commission; Chair, Baker County Renewable Energy Committee.

Where is Baker County headed in the coming years? We are dependent on the state and federal governments for funding in a time when these funds are being curtailed. We need to look for new sources of funding created within our community, utilizing our natural resources.

In 2001 I identified Mason Dam as a potential site for Baker County to build a hydro-electrical generation facility, and convinced the County Commission to apply for a license with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In addition to Mason Dam, I am advocating for the local production of waste biomass into wood pellets, the use of biomass as a heat source for our schools and for the responsible development of locally owned wind energy in our county. These projects will create a new revenue stream for the county without raising taxes, create family wage jobs, and with local ownership keep the profits in our community.

What does future development hold for Baker County and will future development benefit the current residents?

I have served and now Chair the Baker County Planning Commission. I believe by using the planning tools available to Baker County we can have a future that will continue the quality of life that we all cherish and allow for the growth and jobs that are needed. If we are not willing to sit down as a community and plan for future development in housing, farming, energy development, and resource use, we may lose control of our quality of life like so many other communities have.

With your vote we can shape our own future by controlling development and providing additional revenue for the county while preserving the things that make this area a wonderful place to live.

(This information furnished by The Committee to Elect Randy Joseph.)