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Occupation: Community volunteer; Farmer; Yoga instructor

Occupational Background: Self employed 1999-present; School Administrator/Educator/Coach 1979-2006

Educational Background: Administrative Certificate, University of Oregon; Master of Arts/Special Education, Northern Arizona University; Bachelor of Science/Human Kinetics, George Washington University; Graduate Henley High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Crook County Planning Commission 2000-present; CC Recycling committee; CC Community Coalition; CC Library Design committee; Family Resource Board; CC Commission on Children and Families; UGB committee; CC chair of HB 3326 committee; CC Parks and Recreation Board

Community Service: Organizer/manager, Prineville Community Garden; St. Vincent de Paul food bank; Prineville Presbyterian Church member and elder for Missions; Board member, Prineville Farmer's Market; organizer CC Library Park; mission volunteer to the Soviet Bloc nations, Nepal/India, Hurricane Katrina, Cuba

I have respect for the past: As a native Oregonian with timber and agriculture as my heritage; I honor our rural Crook County lifestyles.

I have knowledge of the present: Having listened to our county officials and participated in the Oregon Rural Congress, I want to quit "polishing our problems". Our citizens need jobs. Poverty doesn't pay taxes. We need diverse employment opportunities. Attracting employers requires leadership. I will work to secure sustainable jobs for Crook County. I have listened to our county's employees and I will listen to you.

I have hope for the future: Our glory days are ahead of us not behind us. With management and inclusion of all stakeholders, we can create the community we want for ourselves and the generations to come. I will lead by example and open the doors of our county government. I will be the voice for government that is responsive to the will of the people. I will be the voice that makes sure our land use ordinances are fairly implemented. I will be the voice that demands our rights and share be justly apportioned from Salem and Washington, D.C.

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