State Representative
Bill Kennemer photo


Occupation: Clackamas County Commissioner

Occupational Background: Clinical Psychologist; Small Business Owner, State Senator; Professor; Truck Driver; Farm Hand

Educational Background: PhD, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology; BA, magna cum laude, Warner Pacific College

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator; Education, Human Resources, Consumer Affairs and Economic Development Committees; County Budget Committee; national Green Government Committee; Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation

Humble Beginnings – Successful Leader

Bill Kennemer grew up poor on a farm outside Corvallis, put himself through college, and eventually built a successful business as a family psychologist. Over the years Bill's gained a reputation for working with people to better our community. Bill and Cherie have been actively involved in our community for over 35 years. Their four children and five grandchildren all live in Clackamas County.

Controlling Health Care Costs

Bill Kennemer understands the challenges facing many families in paying for basic needs. Bill will work to control rising costs while keeping us and our doctors in control of our health care decisions.

Supporting Our Schools

Bill Kennemer agrees more of our education tax dollars should be spent in the classroom on textbooks, teachers, and technology – not bureaucracy and overhead.

Addressing Energy Prices

Bill Kennemer supports reducing our dependence on foreign energy, making Oregon a leader in renewable energy use, and investing in new alternative energy sources. Bill knows we must reduce prices at the pump while respecting our environment.

Holding Government Accountable

Bill Kennemer created "Performance Auditing" in Clackamas County. As State Representative, Bill will use his experience to improve efficiency and focus spending.

Endorsed By:
Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens PAC
Representative Wayne Scott - Sheriff Craig Roberts
Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council
Canby City Councilor Tony Helbling
Clackamas County Peace Officers "POLICE" PAC
Former Oregon City Mayor David Spear
Gay Kuykendall, Canby
Oregon Business Association
Clackamas County Farm Bureau
Oregon Nurseries' PAC
Canby and North Clackamas Chambers


(This information furnished by Friends of Bill Kennemer.)