State Senator
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Occupation: Accountant, Financial Planner

Occupational Background: 1986-present President/CEO of United Business Services, Inc. Oregon Licensed Tax Consultant, Past President of Association of Tax Consultants, Member of American Funds "All American Team"

Educational Background: BA, Willamette University

Prior Governmental Experience:West Union School Board, Appointed by Governor Roberts and Kitzhaber to State of Oregon Tax Service and Examiners Board, Washington County Department of Aging Services Advisory Council

Dave Kim…A Fresh New Leader

It's time for change. Dave Kim is running for the Senate because he wants to bring a fresh perspective to politics in Salem. With only 30% of our kids going to Higher Ed, we need to provide a path for the other 70% in industrial tech, computer science, healthcare and vocational jobs and expand opportunity.

Dave Kim…Focus on the Economy

Dave Kim is ready to create jobs. Dave wants to utilize industrial zoned lands in the region to create a long term vision for job creation. Work with Mt. Hood Community College, business leaders and labor to put our skilled labor to work with new innovative strategies. Put politics aside.

Dave Kim…No New Taxes, Manage Government Spending

Dave Kim strongly believes we need to limit taxes and stop spending tax dollars inefficiently. Dave believes we need to set priorities and fund schools, law enforcement and human services, but not with a blank check without accountability.

Dave Kim…Neighborhood Safety is Critical to Our Quality of Life

Dave Kim wants answer to why the Max line can't be safer and why our streets at night turn so violent. Dave has ridden MAX at night to get a first hand view of the safety issues that persist and he is working with law enforcement to make our neighborhoods safer.

Dave Kim…Time for a Change

(This information furnished by Dave Kim for State Senate.)