Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Entrepreneur

Occupational Background: Independent Retailer

Educational Background: M.B.A, Portland State University; B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara

Prior Governmental Experience: Business Liaison to City of Bend; Business Liaison to Oregon Department of Transportation

I've had enough of career politicians ignoring their constituency in favor of big banks and big oil. I've had enough of my Congressman "spinning" Congressional votes that too often belie earlier promises.

It's time to repair Congress, a Congress that has been rendered incompetent by partisanship, greed, and conflicts of interest. So long as we allow career politicians to be bought by lobbyists and PACs, Congress will never again represent the will of the people but instead the whims of the disproportionately influential.

If elected, I will represent the will of the citizens of Oregon's Second Congressional district in Washington, D.C., agitating for substantive change in the United States Congress. I will ensure that Oregon's Second Congressional district is represented with conviction and passion, working devotedly to return county timber payments to Oregon's rural counties, payments that are rightful compensation for the millions of acres of Oregon lands under Federal control. I'll put Oregon lands back in Oregon hands.

If you want:

1) The rightful return of county timber payments to Oregon's rural counties;
2) An undying commitment to K-12 education;
3) Healthcare for ALL Oregon children under 18;
4) Affordable and accessible healthcare for all Oregonians;
5) Relief from big oil and the politicians it owns;
6) A vocal advocate for farming and farmlands;
7) Practical development of alternative energy without oil industry influence;
8) The return of fair and compassionate United States foreign policy;
9) To eliminate reckless, petty partisanship.
10) A congressman committed to change for your benefit…

Then vote Noah Lemas, America's toughest Democrat, for United States Congress. Tell Greg Walden you're sick of his ship by jumping aboard "Noah's Ark," because this country won't change if Congress doesn't change.

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