State Representative
Tony Marino photo


Occupation: Business Owner, International Internet Marketing & Business Consultant

Occupational Background: Business Consultant; Author; Radio/TV Broadcaster; Web Designer; Online TV & Radio Producer.

Educational Background: Mount San Antonio College, Colorado Technical University

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Involvement: Tigard Chamber Board Member; TV Fire & Rescue Community Academy; Portland Chamber President's Club Member; Executive Officer Club


I don't like "politicians" and I won't become one. It's time we put people before politics. I promise to be your voice in Salem, not make friends with special interests and advance their agenda over what's right.


Driving on Highways 217, 99 and I-5 seriously frustrates me. We must find a practical solution to efficiently moving people and goods. Money sources should go directly to the need: Gas taxes should pay for road improvements. No more hiding the ball, we should know exactly where our money goes.


My wife Danielle, an aide for special needs children in Tigard-Tualatin public schools, and I look at our public school system and see great potential going unrealized. Our two children attend public schools and we want the best for them. I will take my business tech understanding and fight for specific programs to better prepare our children for the exploding global digital economy.


There's not enough money to go to every worthwhile program. Period. How can we turn Oregon around without new taxes? We need to create a business friendly Oregon, with an emphasis on technology, eco-smart industries and infrastructure investment. I will take my successful business background and fight to make Oregon "open for business" once again.

Elect Tony Marino – "Politics Unusual"

If you want politics unusual, vote for me. I will fight with bare-knuckled enthusiasm and I won't let special interests or party politics get in my way. If that's what you are looking for, I ask for your vote.

(This information furnished by Friends of Tony Marino.)