State Representative
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Occupation: State Representative, Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Co-Owner, Rural Health Clinic; Retired Military Officer

Educational Background: Northern Illinois University (Doctor of Education); Kansas State University (Master of Science); Oregon State University (Bachelor of Science)

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Past Chair, Grants Pass School District #7 Board of Education; Army Reserves (Retired)

Community Service: Past Chair, Three Rivers Community Hospital Foundation; Church Leader

Family: Married to Sheila; daughters Trista and Eliza; sons Remington and Winchester

Ron Maurer
Southern Oregon Roots, Southern Oregon Values

Ron was born and raised in Grants Pass. Ron's parents, both public school teachers in Grants Pass, were raised in the Illinois Valley. He served our nation in the Army for 21 years until his retirement from the Army Reserves in 2006.

Ron Maurer
Oregon's Conservative Voice for Healthcare Reform.

Ron is a firm believer in reforms that encourage personal choice and market competition.

Ron Maurer
Public Safety is a Top Priority

Ron continues to fight for tougher enforcement against the criminals, who steal our identities, manufacture and sell drugs to our children and disregard our residency laws.

Ron Maurer
Advocate for Seniors and the Disabled

Our most vulnerable citizens need to be protected and supported. Ron has made this issue a cornerstone of his legislative priorities.

Ron Maurer
Defender of Property and Second Amendment Rights.

Ron continues to stand up for property owners to control how they use their land and how they determine to best defend themselves and their families. These are the principles our nation was founded on and Ron continues to fight for those rights.

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Ron Maurer.)