State Representative
Harry McDermott photo


Occupation: Real Estate Appraiser.

Occupational Background: School teacher, carpenter, building contractor.

Educational Background: BA University of Alabama.

Prior Governmental Experience: Board member of the Douglas ESD, Twice board chair.

Mac is running because he shares your rural values of family, hard work and common sense. Mac is an alternative to the politics of the past and works to break the partisan paralysis and find common ground to benefit the rural citizens of the district. We all want to do the best for the people of the district.

Hunting, fishing, farming and logging: A strong supporter of the forest resource community, Mac will ensure the public forestlands are healthy, usable, and productive. You will keep your right to hunt, fish and camp on Oregon's public lands. Mac is a strong advocate for protecting Oregon's tradition way of life in the small vibrant communities of the district.

Crime: Let's get repeat offenders off the street, aggressively fight meth and give treatment the same priority as enforcement.

Healthcare: What good is it to have the world's best healthcare if it is dreadfully expensive and has uneven availability? Too many of your dollars go to the bureaucracies that provide, manage and insure healthcare instead of paying for needed services.

Special interests: Mac promised not to take gifts from corporate lobbyists or campaign contributions from out of state corporations or from anyone who expects a payback in return.

Jobs: Mac always works to help small and large businesses and farms create more new and better jobs.

Accountability: Mac will champion accountability and work to reduce waste and inefficiency in our state offices and schools. The state house was created to be the most responsive branch of government. This open seat in the 2nd district will give local citizens the chance to send someone they can talk to, to work on their behalf.

People in the district that know, say: "I back Mac, for State Rep"

(This information furnished by Harry McDermott.)