State Senator
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Occupation: Community Access Television Producer

Occupational Background: Advertising Sales consultant for local television, cable and radio stations; Union member of Screen Actors Guild; commercial talent for regional TV and radio; Segment host for Around Town Television on KOIN-TV

Educational Background: Kansas University, B.S. Journalism radio-television-film; Cranbrook/Kingswood High School

Prior Governmental Experience: 2000 Republican Party Nominee for Oregon State Representative, Precinct Committee Person, Oregon Alternate Delegate to the National Republican Convention 2004, WA County Alternate Delegate to the Republican Central Committee

Community Activities: TVCTV Certified producer, Lisa is creator and talent for the G rated relationship show-What's Between Us? as well as for community awareness shows- Accountability and Vote by Fraud?.
WA CTY Voter Integrity Observer
2004 Vice-President of Sponsorships for Murrayhill Little League, Captain USTA Mixed Doubles and Juniors Tennis Teams Nancy Ryles Elementary School parent volunteer & classroom events coordinator

I BELIEVE we need to empower individual Oregonians and limit the growing big government special interests.

I BELIEVE we need to support and protect legal U.S. citizens from invading illegal aliens who drive down our wages and job opportunities while overburdening our social services and prisons.

I BELIEVE that we should be able to keep more of our own hard-earned money.

Voter Integrity:

With Oregon's unique vote by mail system there is ample opportunity for voter fraud. When elected I will make it a priority to ensure our elections are fair and secure. With additional oversight we can make sure all legitimate votes are counted and elections will be conducted with the fairness and accuracy all Oregonians deserve.


Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

Oregon Cranberry Network

Jim Ludwick, President, Oregonians for Immigration Reform

Please send Lisa Michaels to Salem
to safeguard our liberties.

(This information furnished by Friends of Lisa Michaels.)