Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Alternative Herbal Remedies

Occupational Background: Operations Manager, Alternative Herbal Remedies; Business Owner, Natural Foods Store; Plant Manager, Planner, and Estimator in the printing industry; Database Management Developer; School Bus Driver

Educational Background: Ford Family Foundation, Effective Organizations; University of Oregon Extension, Portland, OR; Edison Technical College, Los Angeles, CA; Southwestern Community College, Chula Vista, CA; Tarrant County Community College, Ft. Worth, TX; East Texas State University, Commerce, TX

Prior Governmental Experience: City Council, City of Monmouth, OR since January 2003; Monmouth Independence Network (fiber to the home), Board of Directors; Western, Independence, Monmouth Public, Education, Government Cable Access Channel, Board of Directors, 2 years as Chair.

Served on the Board of Directors of various 501(c)(3)-service organizations;
Monmouth Business Association officer for 3 years;
Monmouth Independence Chamber of Commerce, member 4 years;
Monmouth Independence Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors;
Polk County Historical Society, Board of Directors;
Sizzlin' Sidewalk Streetfair organizing committee;
Monmouth Music in the Park, organizing committee;

As you can see from my business, civic and governmental experience in Monmouth, Independence and Polk County I have the ability to do the job. As your representative I will make sure to take you to Washington with me, as too often we have had our representatives take their party with them. I will make a commitment to make sure that it is your voice, through me, not mine for you, that gets heard.

Many of you are calling for an end to the wars and empire building, an end to corporate welfare, you want tax reform, social justice, and human dignity. We have had politicians tell us they would work for these ends and yet nothing changes. As the citizens of Monmouth know, I work hard and study the issues to get things done.

(This information furnished by Steve Milligan.)