Representative in Congress
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Pacific Green

Occupation: Naturopathic Physician

Occupational Background: Northwest Aluminum, NW Cherry Growers

Educational Background: Randolph-Macon Woman's College, BA History, Concentrations International Studies, Biology; PCC, Gerontology; National College of Natural Medicine, ND

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Involvement: La Grande Farmer's Market; CURRENTs for Justice and Peace; Sierra Club; former FFA Chapter President, RMWC Judiciary Committee, NCNM Student Government Judiciary Liaison

Military Policy
World politics are complex and often chaotic. We must be consistent and future-focused in our policy decisions. Our soldiers are putting their lives on the line; we should be told the truth about their missions. Soldiers must be fed, sheltered, and healed during and after their terms of service. Any invasions by our forces should follow US and international law. We should not be occupying sovereign countries against their will. The cost of war is depriving Americans of domestic needs, including healthcare and social services.

As a naturopathic physician, I understand the healthcare crisis that we are facing. I will advocate for a universal healthcare system, so Americans will not have to choose between their homes and their health. While fighting for healthcare for all Americans, I will also support funding of needed services such as SCHIP and Indian Health Services. SCHIP plays a vital role in providing healthcare in low income and rural areas to the most vulnerable Americans, our children. I was outraged at the politics that surrounded renewing SCHIP during the last congressional session. OUR CHILDREN'S HEALTHCARE IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PLAYED WITH!

Oregon is a leader in alternative energy. Community innovation must be fostered to solve our energy crisis. Local renewable resources, like wind, can provide power to homes and the grid. Buying fresh foods, and other goods, produced locally can further reduce oil dependency. Together, communities can minimize the effects of the energy crisis.

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Vote Peace! Vote Green!

(This information furnished by Dr Tristin Mock.)