United States President
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Occupation: Consumer Advocate

Occupational Background: Consumer Advocate

Educational Background: BA, Princeton University; LLB, Harvard University

Prior Governmental Experience: US Department of Labor, 1960s

Why Vote for Nader?

In 1965, Ralph Nader became an American hero when he brought General Motors to its knees by exposing its campaign to intimidate and smear him for having written a book about auto safety. Since then, he has created more than 100 public interest groups.

You may know that Nader has saved more than a million lives because of seatbelts and air bags, but did you know he led the campaign against nuclear power, which has blocked the construction of new nuclear plants in America for more than 30 years?

You may know that he is largely responsible for the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Freedom of Information Act, but did you know that in recent years he secured cheap, generic AIDS drugs for India?

In the 1980s, corporate power counter-attacked, expanding lobbies, think tanks, buying up newspapers and TV networks. Citizen's groups were frozen out, as Washington became "corporate-occupied territory."

To challenge an increasingly rigged system, Nader had to enter politics. Despite being frozen out by the corporate media, he has been at 6% in national polls, with 14% saying they would vote for him if he were competitive.

Because neither McCain nor Obama will challenge the corporate political establishment, their campaign has been personal, nasty, and trivial. There is no debate about our bloated defense budget, the worsening war in Afghanistan, policy toward Iran or Russia, Israel/Palestine, single-payer health care, a living wage, rebuilding our infrastructure, or a new economy built on wind and solar power.

Your vote for Nader will keep these big issues alive, and strengthen the hand of progressive forces in the coming years. If you deny your vote to the major parties, they will know they cannot take you for granted: Your power grows.

Gregory Kafoury
Peace Party Secretary

(This information furnished by Ralph Nader.)