State Representative
Mary Nolan photo


Occupation: business development specialist

Occupational Background: electronics design; manufacturing; financial management; public service

Educational Background: Dartmouth College; public schools

Prior Governmental Experience: chair: NASA industry advisory council; consumer advocate: Oregon Construction Contractors Board; Portland Environmental Services Director; chair: Portland Private Industry Council

Proven Leadership.


Real Solutions.
Nolan delivered hundreds of millions more for education.

Nolan is an astute, effective environmental steward.

Nolan steadfastly defends civil liberties.

Nolan helped protect services for low-income seniors.

Nolan stood for affordable health care, and she made a difference.

Dear Neighbors:
I enjoy representing SW Portland in the legislature and cherish the opportunity I've had to meet many people around this district. Together, we have begun to put Oregon back on track, and I am anxious to do more. I hope I have earned your support and your vote again!

Mary Nolan

Proven Leadership. Real Solutions.

(This information furnished by Mary Nolan.)