State Representative
Donald Nordin photo


Occupation: Manufacturer of human powered trailer systems

Occupational Background: Owner of Equinox Industries, 1981 to present,; Food pantry manager, Community Sharing Program, Cottage Grove, 2004-2006; Peace Corps Volunteer, India, 1967-1969

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of Wyoming, 1970

Prior Governmental Experience: Cottage Grove Planning Commission, 2000-2005; Lane County Rural Community Improvement council, 1997-1999; Lane County Special Transportation Fund Advisory Committee, 1997-1999; Chief Petitioner on three ballot measures that led to the annexation of Cottage Grove to Lane Transit District, 1995-1999; Cottage Grove Bicycle Advisory committee 1994-1998

The citizens of this nation and our state are showing an understanding and willingness to grapple with the great issue of our time. Previous generations joined together to struggle against the rise of totalitarian regimes and economic depression to give us the blessings of freedom and civilization. We are challenged to work together to ensure that our children and grand children will have a natural environment and an organized society in which to prosper.

The prospects for the future are both glum and fantastically wonderful. Much depends upon our making a conscience choice to work together. I will be your representative for a positive future. I will work with other House Democrats to further the agenda set out on Furthermore, at every opportunity, I will represent your aspirations for your children to have the resources they will need to face climate change and peak oil.

"The choice is ours-yours and mine. We can stay with business as usual and preside over an economy that continues to destroy its natural support systems until it destroys itself, or we…can be the generation that changes direction, moving the world onto a path of sustained progress. The choice will be made by our generation, but it will affect life on earth for all generations to come." -Lester R. Brown; Plan B, Mobilizing to save Civilization

(This information furnished by Donald Nordin.)