County Office
Roger Nyquist photo


Occupation: Linn County Commissioner

Occupational Background: Owner, Lake Shore Lanes.

Educational Background: West Albany High, attended Linn-Benton Community College.

Prior Governmental Experience: Linn County Commissioner, Chairman Cascades West Area Commission on Transportation. Chairman Mid-Valley Behavioral Care Network.

Roger Nyquist gets results on issues that matter to the Citizens of Linn County.

The Economy

Roger Nyquist knows first hand the value of small businesses to the local economy. He has been a champion of programs that encourage small businesses to grow and prosper.

Roger Nyquist has been instrumental in bringing major employers to Linn County in the last four years, which has improved our local economy.

Public Safety

Roger Nyquist's first priority is adequate funding of the Sheriffs Office and Public Safety.

Roger Nyquist created alliances with local School Districts to make schools safe for our kids.


Roger Nyquist improved the quality of neighborhoods in Linn County by directing the demolition of known drug houses.

Roger Nyquist firmly opposes the State's attempt to locate group homes for the criminally insane in neighborhoods close to parks and schools where a high number of children live.

Our Future

Roger Nyquist will continue to advocate for public policies that allow our area businesses to grow and prosper, creating a stronger local economy and a brighter future for our children.

Roger Nyquist led the County's acquisition of Clear Lake, insuring public access to a wonderful area for generations to come.

Roger Nyquist created a small business youth mentoring program, helping to improve the work ethic of kids in Linn County while acknowledging the important role small business plays in our community.

Re-elect Roger Nyquist as Linn County Commissioner.

(This information furnished by Friends of Roger Nyquist.)