County Office
Walter Ponsford photo


Occupation: Retired Teacher and Farmer

Occupational Background: Education and Agriculture

Educational Background: B.S. from OCE; M.S. U of O

Prior Governmental Experience: Past Jeff. Cty. Comm.; ESD Board; COCOA Board.

Two years ago I was a working County Commissioner with several unfinished projects to be completed. My opponent is a good man. If he is elected, the county commission will be three good Madras businessmen. I believe the county commission should be less "Madras centered" because during my time in office I dealt with many county problems.

Before leaving office two years ago:

About six years ago as your county commission chairperson I directed and aided county administration to seek agreement with PGE and Warm Springs Reservation; that resulted in a multi-million dollar savings from Pelton and Round Butte Dams.

Well paid county commissioners must do more than wait for bad things to happen. Some of these problems will persist and good answers may be hard to find. A county without enough wealth cannot ask for the impossible. It can seek the optimum possible and that will take much time, effort, dedication and leadership. I intend to find the utmost possible for Jefferson County.

(This information furnished by Committee to elect Ponsford.)