State Representative
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Terry L


Occupation: Corporal, Washington County Sheriff's Office; Senior Instructor, Department of Public Safety, Standards, and Training - Oregon Police Academy

Occupational Background: 23 years law enforcement including corrections, training, and supervision;

Educational Background: Attended Hill High in Cornelius and Portland Community College; Advanced Certificate in Law Enforcement; Graduated Oregon Sheriffs' Association Command College

Prior Governmental Experience: Former Mayor of Cornelius; two years Cornelius City Budget Committee

Community Involvement: 15 years rape prevention and self defense instructor; 15 years Shirley Huffman Beautification Committee, Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce; Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce Executive Award for Community Service; Law Enforcement Council Community Involvement Award; SOLV's Citizenship Award

The time for change is now.

My platform focuses on illegal immigration and the burdens taxpayers in Oregon must bear as a consequence. Addressing this problem could be key to solving many of the problems we have in this state such as overcrowded schools, an under-funded Department of Human Services, an overburdened healthcare system, and illegal voting. I believe one of the solutions for these problems is to make it illegal or costly for any business to employ an illegal alien in this state. Neither party wants to address the issue of illegal immigration because both parties have much to gain by maintaining the status quo. As an Independent, I am not beholding to special interest groups, I can speak out and represent the voice of the taxpayers.

I also believe we don't need to throw more money at our education system, we need to improve the quality of education currently provided using programs like charter schools and home schooling, and allowing parents to choose the schools their children will attend. This will make our education system more competitive thereby improving the quality of education our children receive.

Finally, I believe we should require drug testing for all people seeking welfare of any kind. We need to address the issue of people using welfare funds to continue abusing drugs and alcohol.

(This information furnished by Terry L Rilling.)