State Senator
Eldon Rollins photo


Occupation: Being a Democratic Precinct Committeeperson, a candidate for election, and being there for my mother occupies a fair amount of my time.

Occupational Background: Delivered newspapers, telephone books, circus tickets, and mill equipment. Bucked hay, painted a sign, a mobile home, campus offices, and a garage. Fed axolotl salamanders. Supervised a cleaning crew, in student housing. Washed dishes, conducted estate sales. Sanded drawers in a furniture factory, made eye charts, sorted books, put eyeglasses together. Photographic reproduction and darkroom work, made salads, trimmed onions, worked at building fishing nets.

Educational Background: Coquille High, 1970. Portland State University, B.S. in Biology in '76, pre-optometry, minor in University Scholars Program, psychology, public health, and accounting classes. University of California School of Optometry, B.S. in Optometric Science in 1981, granted in 1988. Missed my Doctor of Optometry by a few classes.

Prior Governmental Experience: None. Nary a bone.

I write the occasional cranky letter to the editor. Designed a few campaign buttons, have in the past been involved with our museum. I pick berries and occasionally apples and take some to the Senior Meals program. Member, Friends of Coquille Library.

"The Past was a Promise kept, the Future is a promise that must be kept."

We need affordable healthcare for all. We need good jobs for Oregonians. We need a diversified energy portfolio. We need a sound education for the new citizens who will inherit the future.


(This information furnished by Eldon Rollins (Eldon Rollins for State Senate District 1).)