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Occupation: Contractor; State Representative

Occupational Background: State Legislator 2002 to Present; Contractor, 1996 to 2003; Laborer's Union member, rank and file, 1988 to 1996.

Educational Background: University of Iowa, B.A., Political Science, 1984.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, 2003- present; Sunrise Water Authority Budget Committee, 2000-present; Happy Valley City Council, 1997-2000; Clackamas County Concurrency Project-Transportation; Happy Valley Budget Committee 1997-2000.

It's results that matter

Seems pretty obvious, but too many politicians are more concerned with their next election than getting real results for the people who voted for them. When that happens, the work doesn't get done. Families can't afford health insurance. Law enforcement can't keep our roads and neighborhoods safe. And state government keeps wasting our tax dollars.

But, Mike Schaufler takes a different approach. He focuses on results like attracting and retaining new investments in Oregon. That way, we'll have the family wage jobs creating the revenue we need for vital services like health care and education.

Mike Schaufler also takes his job seriously. He was the only legislator without an absence in 2007 and he returned $6,361 in unspent office budget money to the State Treasury.

So while some politicians get more headlines, nobody can compete with Mike Schaufler on the only thing that matters most to us: Results.

Put 139 more State Police on our roads
Mike Schaufler voted to add 139 more State Police to Oregon's roads and highways so we can get to 24-hour coverage throughout the state.

Reduced prices for prescription drugs
Mike Schaufler voted to let everyone get lower prices on lifesaving prescription medicines. Mike is also fighting to hold down health insurance rate hikes and eliminate confusing bills.

Created more aggressive audits of state agencies
Mike Schaufler voted to start more aggressive audits of state agencies. Mike will make sure these audits get completed and ensure that agencies spend taxpayer money wisely.

Mike Schaufler
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(This information furnished by Mike Schaufler.)