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Occupation: Construction manager

Occupational Background: Civil and structural engineering; construction management

Educational Background: BS, MS, Civil Engineering, Stanford University

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Your Constitutional and Populist Choice

America is in trouble. The rule of law, built on the Constitution, is ruined. Too many laws, even constitutional ones, favor the establishment over the general public. Systemic changes needed:

Parasitic, Capitalist to Egalitarian, Market Economy
Community well-being over profit, employee ownership reigns, monopolistic industries few, and environmental responsibility is rewarded. Corporate charters, government-granted privileges, should mandate public responsibility. Congress can reshape economy through interstate commerce power.

Privately Owned, Unstable, and Usurious to Publicly Owned, Stable, and Honest Money and Banking
"Dollars" are interest charging debt notes. The Federal Reserve, with newly created notes, buys government debt others will not, thus "monetizing" debt and "creating money out of thin air," enabling funding without borrowing or increased taxes. The Fed is a privately owned banking cartel of member banks who can "loan up" together protected by the central Fed and ultimately taxpayers, who pay for bailouts through "inflation tax" (higher prices) caused by newly issued "funny money." Budgetary and market discipline suffer and speculation rules. Dollars should be interest free, backed by tangible assets, protected by Congress.

Transnational Corporate Focus to Locally Based, Fair Trade
"Globalization" was designed by and for large transnational companies, controlling trade for profit at environmental and labor expense. Tired of jobs shipping overseas?

Military-Industrial, Profiteering Empire to Defense
Strong military focused on territorial defense, a peacemaking State Department, and government support for veterans are vital. However, spending more on warfare than all other countries combined is excessive, dangerous, and disturbing.

Poorly Planned, Inadequately Funded to Well Managed Infrastructure
Emphasize renewable energy, public ownership, and looming water supply crisis.

Weak Support to Protection of Bill of Rights

Government Behavior: Corrupt to Accountable

We should not be discussing "stimulus checks" leaving "spending" and "debt" to our children. Visit

(This information furnished by Scott Semrau.)